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6 Ultimate Things Dance Champions Do

Sam's Photography

Competitive dancing is much more than just being able to move fast with precision. It's a mind game where the way you think may bring far better results than anything else.

Here are the 6 Ultimate Tips you must repeat every single day of your competitive dancing:

1. Practice like everyone is watching because they are!

When you're in a studio practicing your footwork or arm styling, do you forget to keep everything else finished and beautiful? Would you ever see top dancers, allowing themselves to look "bad" at any single point of practice? NO! There are many sayings that noone is watching you dance, but that's not true! Imagine that you want people to be inspired by you so practice like it's a World Ballroom and Latin Final every single time!

Think and breathe BEAUTIFUL, 24/7.

2. When you are to perform, PERFORM!

An hour before a competition and you still practice your locksteps. You get on the dance floor and your mind tells you to keep bounce in Samba, sway in Foxtrot, straight legs in Cha cha cha or perfect frame in a Slow Waltz. Whatever it is- FORGET IT! When you're on the competition floor, you're there to perform, NOT practice! Your technique won't change now.

On a competition day clear your mind and PERFORM!

Otherwise, if you want to practice, go back to a dance studio.

3. Overcome the fear of recording yourself and watching these videos

There is hardly any dancer who loves watching themselves in a video. Your critical mind switches on immediately so you can only see what you've done badly. Does it sound familiar? However there is also NO dancer who ever said that recording yourself practice (and watching it) is a bad idea.

What's the best present for your dance partner? A mini portable tripod for their phone!

Pick a day of the week and make it a video recording week!

Every week!

4. Whether you win or lose, you're back at work or school on Monday!

Many dancers stress and worry about their competition results so much that it stops them from performing. Most importantly, they don't enjoy it anymore! At the end of the competition day, when you hang up your dress or shirt, remove your make up, you're back to reality. That's regardless of whether you came 1st or 31st in your category.

Don't let the pressure of competition kill your love for dance.

5. Add another style of dance to your practice and commit to it

Many dancers just talk about trying other styles of dance to your Ballroom and Latin. Some go to a single class. What should you do?

  • Pick a style, e.g. ballet

  • Find a class near you and try it once per week for at least 3 months

  • Stick with it

You will be surprised how much you will change and grow as a dancer. The best thing is that:

the style you chose will slowly start showing through your dancing too- making you more unique!

6. Stay humble!

In other words just be kind and supportive to everyone around you. No matter what level of a dancer you are.

You will be surprised how many supporters you may gain by simply being humane.

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Photo Credits: Sam's Photography


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