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11 Things That Only Dancers Will Understand

Elena Anashina Photography

There are many things that only dancers will understand. Here are some of them:

1. Secretly praying not to forget the choreography before show and competitions (especially in front of judges).

2. Still finding glitter, make up and hair spray on, even thought you showered 3 times.

3. This amazing feeling of taking out all the hairpins from a tight bun after a show or competition.

4. Inner desire to come to someone whose feet are turned in and tell them to turn them out immediately!

5. A relaxing day is a day watching 8 hours of dance videos on YouTube and getting ideas for your own dancing.

6. Going to a studio after watching lots of videos, full of energy and inspiration, and then your teacher doesn't notice the difference.

7. The stress of going for a meal after a competition in full dance hair, make up and "natural" tan.

8. The irritating feeling of crystals under the armpits.

9. Practicing Rumba walks down an empty isle when doing your shopping. Don't get me even started on hip actions.

10. Spending hours in a studio dancing non-stop, but getting tired after running for a bus.

11. Getting really frustrated with dancing at each practice, but still doing it regardless as you can't imagine living without it!

How many of them could you put your name next to?

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