Princeps Juniors

1. Do you want your son or daughter to be confident about themselves?

2. Would you like them to know how to work in a team and play together in partnership with  others?

3. Do you want to instill discipline and good manners into their behaviour from the young age?

4. Or simply, do you want them to be part of a fashionable activity which opens doors to public shows, national and international competitions?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, your child's journey with Princeps Juniors starts right here.

Our focus is

to teach your child to dance and have fun

Ballroom Dancing is a fantastic way to improve your child's confidence and posture as well as promoting physical development. It also teaches children how to be graceful and improve their balance whilst having a great time. 


Most children have an opportunity to learn various forms of dance at school or elsewhere, but if you want to give them different and original experience, then Ballroom dancing is certainly the one to do. 

What will they learn?


Dance exams

We will prepare your child for Dance Awards. They will learn syllabus choreographies in both Ballroom and Latin so their development is well structured and progress is easily monitored


Completing Medal Awards will enable your kids to take Graded Examination in Dance recognized by the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator (Ofqual).  

Nationwide Competitions

Once your child has achieved a level of proficiency in dancing, we will take them to Nationwide Medallist competitions to show off their skills in front of others

Good manners

Your child will learn how to behave on a dance floor which will also apply to their normal activities

Ballroom & Latin American

Dance Classes

  • Class level: Beginners

  • Age requirements: 4 - 13 year old

  • Average class size: up to 10

  • What to wear:

  • boys- comfortable trousers and t-shirt;

  • girls- dress or skirt (no jeans).

  • Ballroom dance shoes or for the absolute beginners soft shoes with smooth sole.

  • Hair: hair must be up in a ponytail or a bun. 

January Exam - Rosettes Level

Princeps Juniors performing at

Hilton Charity Ball


Group lessons



Arthur Murray Studio

77 Baker Street

London W1U 6RF


Sundays 10-11am

This group is full now.

We are ready to open another group

on Saturdays 9-10am.


ONLINE  lessons are still available.

Contact us for booking.

Princeps Juniors

IDTA Primary Ballet Class

5-8 years old boys and girls


Private lessons



Baker Street Studio &

Fulham Broadway Studios

Length of the lessons:

45min lesson is recommended

for 4-7yrs old child

60 min for 8+ yrs old

Max 2 children can share the private lesson

Please contact us for private lessons with Principal .


ONLINE private lessons are still available.

Young Ballerinas

Please note that exam, competition and show dance fees are not included in term price

IDTA Ballroom and Latin Dance Lessons in London



Our little champions
Summer term 2018 Team


Your child will  be trained by professional Ballroom and Latin American Dance teachers only with full CRB clearance. Whether the aspiration is to boost their confidence, undertake recognized examination or take part in the national competitions, we would be happy to discuss all options with you. 


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