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Latin American Dances

Click on the photographs below to watch each dance

Salsa is a very rhythmical, energetic Cuban dance.

Cha cha cha is vibrant, playful and fast ...

Rumba - a slow, passionate love story

Paso Doble is the most dramatic Latin dance......

Jive is a fun and with fast moves

Ballroom Dances

Click on the photographs below to watch each dance

Slow Waltz is a truly romantic dance

Viennese Waltz is a very charming and glamorous dance.

Quickstep is a dance fast and light in its movement

Foxtrot is a smooth romance

Ballroom Tango is a passion and drama

We also teach other styles of dance including Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Bolero etc.

Wedding First dances, Ballet, show dances for individuals and groups as well as prepare our students for IDTA exams and competitions.


Our classes are taught by our qualified teachers and his/her assistant which gives every student an opportunity to get the attention and support in learning to dance individually and in couples.

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