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Dance to your maximum

Competitive Ballroom dancing is the perfect combination of art and sport.  It is also regarded as one of the most prestigious activities in Europe and Asia available to people from all walks of life. 


Strict but fully enjoyable and satisfying training helps your body develop unbelievable strength and control at a very fast pace. The thrill and excitement of dance competitions improves your dancing like nothing you have done before. We won't even mention the dresses covered in Swarovski crystals. 

Train and dance with professionals

Our team of instructors consists of national and international competitive dancers. Winning mentality, discipline, hard work and dedication are at the core of our foundation to help you become the dancer you want to be. If you are ready for a challenge and want to go the competitive route of dancing we can make it happen no matter what your age and level.

Perform in front of other people and gain confidence for life whilst nurturing your competitive side.

Develop routine, strength and artistic qualities to blow everyone away with your performance.

Travel around for your chance to win trophies and medals by showing off your dance skills.

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