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Medal Dance Awards

IDTA Ballroom and Latin Dance Lessons in London

NEXT IDTA Medal Exam

26th June 2023 - TBC

David Lloyd, Fulham


  • Do you work best with clear objectives?
  • Do you always want to know how well you progress in your dancing?
  • Are you a perfectionist who wants to master each step to make you an impressive dancer?
If you answered yes to any of the questions, please read on. Medal Dance Awards may be just perfect for you.
Ballroom and Latin Dance Lessons in London



Medal Awards are a way to show you how well your dancing is developing. 
As you progress you will learn more advanced figures and dances in line with written curriculum. 

You will know exactly the level of your proficiency and what you need to do to achieve your personal goals. You will also meet many people who do exactly what you do.

Ballroom and Latin Dance Lessons in London



Medal Awards also offer a great and fun challenge to show your understanding of the dance. All the information you gain will make a huge difference to your dancing. You will learn the technical details behind each step including correct footwork, body actions, precise timing etc. In other words Medal Exams make you consciously competent.

Ballroom and Latin Dance Lessons in London

Sense of accountability


We are accountable for your progress and we always strive to ensure you have a great time whilst learning and dancing. You put your trust in us and we will go an extra mile to support you on your dance journey. If we feel you are not ready, we would say that.

The process is simple. You will work with your teacher and agree on the dances to prepare for your demonstration. On the day you will simply get to dance in front of others who, like yourself, want to be the best they can be. You will also receive written feedback on your performance.
After completing your Medal Award you will receive a certificate, a trophy and your dancing will flourish. Also, you will know exactly what level of proficiency you are at.
Ballroom and Latin Dance Lessons in London

There are various levels of Awards to give everyone this fantastic opportunity from social level to international grades.

  • Social Dance Awards: for anyone passionate about social dance who wishes to excel and prepare for social nights out. You can achieve this in Salsa, Social Foxtrot, Jive etc. It is your choice and it's easy, exciting and fun. 

  • Single Dance Awards: you do not need to know all the dances to complete an Award. If you love Tango or Cha cha cha you can just prepare your demonstration in these single dances and be proud of your achievement. 

  • Medal Awards: if social dancing is not enough for you and you want to take your dancing to the next level this is a perfect option for you. The knowledge gained will help you become a dancer you always wanted to be. More to that, it will open the door to the whole new world of dance competitions and performances for you.

We offer 4 levels of group classes which will help you prepare for Medal Dance Awards.

Starting from

Pre-bronze (Beginners Level 1) ,
Bronze (Improvers Level 2),
Silver (Intermediate Level 3) 
Gold / Gold+ (Advanced Levels 4 and above). 

Private lessons with you and your instructor will be necessary to polish your routines and technique.

Group classes  at

Dance Attic, Fulham Broadway

368 North End Rd

11.00am -12.00pm 

Technique Class with Violetta Kitaeva
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