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5 Things to expect from a man who knows how to dance

We all know the stereotype that dancing is for girls and football is for boys. Despite the gradual progress away from that idea, many still have it engraved in their mind. Don't worry, I'm not going to convince you to put Cuban heels on and dance around. Instead, the purpose of this is to list 5 of the things that men who dance actually have to offer.

1. Why is he so popular?

Well, the biggest advantage of being a male dancer is the undivided attention you always get at parties. You go out, have a few drinks and hit the floor. Then everyone starts talking about you. These days it's very popular to inform the whole World on Facebook what you had for breakfast. Frankly, it doesn't take long to prepare another toast with avocado. The same idea applies to dancing. Once you start moving around, many people will just "hit the like button".

Men who can dance is an endangered species, which is why when you spot them, they will catch your attention. The great thing is that you don't have to start conversations anymore either, others will because they will probably want to dance with you. Some may actually consider knowing how to dance a disadvantage, because there will be no rest for you when they find out about your dance super powers.

Now that we have "the ego and popularity" out of the way, I can tell you about other side-effects of dancing.

2. I am the boss, we do it like that!

Interesting headline, isn't it? I'm not implying men's effortless superiority in dancing, but highlight their confidence to make decisions. I like to think of a dance couple as one being a car and another a driver. Let's assume that a lady is a car (a Lamborghini, not Fiesta or a Truck which I heard before!!), and a man is the driver. Then, only one can be in control of the wheel. When the indications (decisions) are clear, the ride will be smooth.

This is exactly what dancing gives a man i.e. ability to make quick decisions which in turn instills confidence in your partner so everyone is happy. More to that, it's not only about learning how to react fast, but actually how to convey the message to the partner so that it's clear, comfortable and most importantly acted upon straight away.

There are also certain things which only men can decide to do on the competition floor, but I will talk about them some other time.

3. Touch me like this

Men who dance and lead know very well how to adjust and give the partner enough energy to indicate what they want to do. When you want "her" to turn, you just raise your arm. When you want her to come closer, you just invite her through your lead. When it's genuine, she will never resist. More to that, once they feel safe in your lead, they will add their own magic.

Beware to proceed with caution as once your start the fire, make sure you can maintain it. Does it sound good? Well, now imagine taking that skill off the dance floor...

4. Bridget Jones story

What does a woman want from a man? Apart from diamond rings and gold infinity credit card, they want the partner to be caring, strong mentally and physically, compassionate and gentle. Of course, the list can be endless but I am quite restricted by length of the post and your attention span so I will stick with those four.

Male dancer, as in previous paragraph, feels the partner's need at the specific moment and he will give her as much as she requires at that time. This is, with the sole idea in mind, to make her the most beautiful focus of the dance.

With the decisiveness and physical power he can create, he will make her feel safe. It's not about who is stronger, but who can use their strength to make the other one better. We are dancing together after all.

The beauty of dancers as artists is that they have love for many things, for life and living things. We all want to be with people who are kind, who others look up to and admire. Ballroom dancing is one way to develop this.

5. Chiseled like the ruins of Rome

Well, dancing is not going to give you Schwarzenegger's body, but it will give you the awareness of how to use the body you have. It teaches you control required to produce tension and relaxation anytime you want. When you study dance, your teacher will make you move in ways you never thought were possible - do you remember your first attempts at moving your hips in a figure of 8? Did it look like your instructor's hip action?

By knowing how to use specific muscles, you will start managing your body language much better. Certainly, you won't get that from pumping iron at the gym.

In summary, men who dance develop skills which they can use on the dance floor and also in their life. From confidence and popularity, through awareness of touch and sensitivity to perfect control of muscles, dancing not only makes men more masculine but most importantly it makes them simply better people.

As much as I tried, I couldn't think of any major disadvantages of dancing. Please let me know if you know of any lethal effects of dancing on men. If you want to read more about dancing like an alpha male, there is an interesting article by a psychologist Dr Peter Lovatt, HERE.

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