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(VIDEO) Dance Competition Manual- Your Free eBook.

Taking part in Dance Competitions is exciting and fun, but it may also be quite a nerve racking experience if you don't know what you're doing.

The general principle is that you just learn as you go along.

But should it be that way? Or should there be something that can help us prepare for what to expect at dance competitions?

I spent many years learning about the things that make others anxious at competitions, discovering their best practices and individual tricks all dancers do or think about before they step on a competition dance floor. I want to share some of the findings with you in the first of Dancer's Guide Series eBook.

“I wrote the "7 Dance Competition Hacks" Dance Competition Manual, with you in mind to help you prepare for the challenge of competitions to the best of your abilities. All the information in this book comes from my experiences as a competitive dancer and continuous work with my students and other competitors.”

Each chapter is straight to the point and gives no-nonsense ways to help with your competition preparation.

Remember, you are dancing because you love dancing. Planning your competition preparation will give you an edge over all your competitors. You will get the knowledge that will help you flourish as a dancer and competitions will stop being scary. You will also see what others do so you can choose what suits you the most.

You can download the free eBook now. Please leave a comment with your review of this eBook and share it on Facebook or Twitter.

Click HERE to get your copy of 7 Dance Competition Hacks.


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