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Should I just stop my competitive dancing?

Photography by Elena Anashina

Do you ask yourself often what is the point in your dancing and going to all competitions? So, is there much point in continuing to dance? Should you stop? Here is a tip to help with these thoughts.

We all love dancing and everyone wants to be the best dancer in the world. However, that road may be very tricky. In fact, not making rounds in competitions could happen quite often.

When you go to competitions, you put yourself out there to be judged by others. That judgement is based on comparison with other dancers i.e. whoever is on the dance floor with you. The problem that Ballroom and Latin competitors have is the fact that it can easily affect confidence and turn love for dance into a sad story. Sounds familiar?

Just imagine, you go to a competition and you end up in a heat with very good couples in your category who have been dancing for a very long time together. The chances of making a round are slim, but does it mean that you are a bad dancer if you don't make the cut?

I have met so many dancers who keep questioning themselves, their skills and their whole process of dancing after not making rounds. Is it worth it? Can I still make it?

I must admit, I have done it many times myself too. Have you?

Changing that thought process is incredibly hard, because staying motivated after "losing" another competition is not easy. But you can look at it slightly differently which actually helped me a lot. Instead of competing against the whole pack of dancers, think about yourself.

1. Compete against the 40 year old you that says it's too late for you to be a successful dancer

2. Compete against the 40 year old you that would rather spend time and money on holidays and going out

3. Compete against the older you who had stopped dancing and would never find out if he/she could make it...

You are in the dancing world because it simply makes you happy. Don't stop fighting for that feeling, because if you stop, one day you may wake up wishing you had never given up Ballroom dancing when you were younger.



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