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How to add meaning to your dance steps? Pt.1

Maggiore Fotografico

You may know how to do a dance step, but how do you turn it into an artistic creation? Find out about giving a meaning to each move.

Following from the previous post on feelings, emotions and being in the moment I want to give you some ideas on how to give meaning to your dance steps.

First of all as a dancer, you need to remember you are creating a masterpiece and you're trying to convey clear messages to your audience. Dancing at a higher level is not only about the number of steps you know...

We are going to explore this idea in a similar way to baking a cake (because we all love cake). To begin we need to have our ingredients and the better quality these are, the better "cake" will be. Secondly, we will need a lot of patience because if we rush anything, your masterpiece will turn out flat. So let's begin.

Here are three key ingredients you need before you even start. Unfortunately you can't just get them off eBay but you will need to work on them a little:

1. Poise

A dancer should always exude beauty and perfection. In your choreography you may be asked to show stillness and stretching so be ready to go way beyond what is your comfort zone. Next time think how you start. Imagine 3 axes x, y and z. Your body should always move on all of them. Talk to your teacher about it.

2. Daring

There are pieces in your choreography where you may need to transform into a vulnerable being, show elements of crudity or highlight some other specific feelings. You may be asked to do things you have never done before. Make sure you keep your mind open and if you don't "feel" it just keep trying.

3. Stamina

Dancing is energy demanding and without a total commitment the final message will still be weak. You need to be ready to sweat, get out of breath and get your muscles burning if the story you want to tell demands it.

Now, are you willing to commit yourself fully to the dance? Before you continue exploring your artistic side, try to test these three ingredients on a dance floor at your next lesson or practice. Only then, you will be able to start giving "colours" to your creations.

Part 2 of this post will be released next week so that you have a chance to prepare your three key ingredients:

Poise. Daring. Stamina.

Maggiore Fotografico

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Photo Credits: Maggiore Fotografico


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