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20 Top Tips for an unforgettable Wedding Dance?

Photo by Jay Rowden Wedding Photography

Dancing has always been a big part of a Wedding Day. These days it simply not enough to just sway from left to right for 3 mins. To make your Wedding Dance easy, stress-free and enjoyable for you and your partner follow these 20 tips.

Planning your First Dance

1. You don't have to be a professional dancer to have a great time dancing at your Wedding

2. Your First Dance should be approximately 2.5 mins. Use the rest of the song for others to join you on the floor

3. Keep it simple- the more natural it looks, the better it will be

4. Choose a song that means something to you. Check here for some ideas

5. Save the music on your phone (just in case) and send it to the DJ before the Wedding

6. Take some private dance lessons before your Wedding to give you and your partner confidence to dance

7. Consider taking group classes too so that you can practice dancing with different people (this is what you'll be doing all night after your spectacular Wedding Dance)

8. Organize a private dance class for your guests to break the ice and get everyone on the floor- take that for a memorable experience

9. Don't criticize your partner as you both try your very best to make you look special

10. Be patient with yourself and your partner- sometimes it may take a little bit longer to learn the steps

On a Wedding Day

11. Don't drink too much before your Wedding Dance

12. Try to practice at least once at your Wedding venue

13. Even if something wrong happens during the dance, just keep going and put on a big smile- no one knows your choreography

14. Don't chew a gum during your Wedding Dance or whilst dancing with other people

15. Don't look at your feet when you're dancing- believe ir or not, it doesn't help

16. If you want to invite people to start dancing, tell your closest friends before the party to be the first ones on the dance floor, then others will follow immediately


Photo by Jay Rowden Wedding Photography

​17. Ask your dress maker to add a small button on the dress so you can pin up the tail for the dance if it's touching the floor

18. Practice in shoes you'll be dancing in and skirt that resembles your Wedding dress

19. If you are worried about your shoes falling off, buy clear elastic shoe straps to keep them in place

20. Consider buying dance shoes which match your evening dress as they are very soft and comfortable to give you a night full of dancing and pain free feet.

Photo by Jay Rowden Wedding Photography

If you follow the above tips you will certainly be well prepared for your First Dance and have a peace of mind.

After all, it's a lifetime experience so spend some time planning it to add this "unique icing" to a perfect Wedding day.



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