Our first event in New Year is dedicated to love!

Love for each other, love for life , romantic love , love for this world!

Be inspired by the most amazing music and dances, feel loved being part of our community. 

There is no better feeling than loving someone and being loved, that keeps us going , it gives us strength and believes.

The event is Free! 

We didn't wish to exclude people who can not afford to buy the ticket and wish to come and be part of the event. This way everyone can enjoy the evening.

The whole team puts great effort, work and time to make our events happen If you enjoyed the evening ,feel that we deserve the reward to keep us going and if you are in a position that you can , please make your contribution to Dancers United.

You can do that via Pay Pal or via Buy Us a Coffee buttons bellow.

When you register on eventbrite page you will also have an option for donation. The choice is yours. It is fully voluntarily.



This year everything is different.


For NYE we were usually getting ready for a big firework at midnight , booking the seats in restaurants, clubs or inviting friends /family and party with them celebrating end of one year and beginning of new.

This year we can still party, and dress up and see our family and friends but not at usual places . We adopted new way of doing it via Zoom! 

We have great experience organizing Zoom events and we are so excited to deliver the best one to date for you!

We will have 4 hours of great music, dancing, guests, entertainment.... you will be surprised how good it is going to be.

We will also follow NY as it is arriving in different part of globe.

Princeps Dance Company Ltd.

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