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10 Ways Showing You Were Born To Dance

We always practice our Rumba walks or swing action for hours and even though there is no end to it, dance floor will always be our home.

Here is a list of 10 characteristics of a Ballroom and Latin dancer:

1. Every day is a hip action day.

When you wake up and brush your teeth you start moving your weight from hip to hip. Tube or bus station are always a good place to work on your figure of 8. Even after a long day of practicing, there is nothing more therapeutic than a slow hip action.

2. Smell of fake tan and hair spray brings back the best memories.

In other words St. Tropez or Fake bake tans are Ballroom and Latin dancer's version of Channel perfumes.

3. Dancers are the only people who understand the meaning of "stoning".

"I need to stone the dress" isn't about throwing stones at the dress. Well actually, some dresses may look that way.

4. You spend countless hours trying to achieve "unmeasurable" and you just keep going.

Oh these days when you leave the studio hating everything dance related, but you still wake up next morning already planning another practice.

5. You never stop counting the music.

Even when you're in a club, it's all about starting to move on 1. And of course, you must highlight the beginning of each new phrase of music. Have you ever done it whilst running too?

6. Feeling a sense of accomplishment when a judge looks your way at a competition and smiles.

Even though judges don't say anything to you, but a smile they send your way suddenly means you're amazing and everything you had done was well worth it. Oh and then you check results to find out they didn't give you any marks. Story of our lives?

7. YouTube dance videos are way more entertaining than any award winning movies.

How to make time fly? Just keep clicking on another day video. It's called binge watching. Thank God YouTube dance videos are free otherwise we'd all be broke.

8. The only music that makes you feel strangely fulfilled, satisfied and happy is Ballroom and Latin music.

9. Preparing and waiting 5 hours at a competition to dance for a few minutes is not a problem at all. Waiting at doctors surgery for 15 minutes for your appointment is an absolute nightmare.

10. Your only currency is "dance currency".

How many dresses or lessons could I get for that instead? Sounds familiar? Also, as a dancer you don't think twice about spending hundred of pounds on a new dance dress, but spending £20 on something non-dance related is suddenly a big dilemma.


Photo Credits: Maggiore Fotografico


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