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5 Things To Do Whilst Looking For A New Dance Partner

Everyone has gone through the stage of looking for a dance partner or a Pro-Am partner in Ballroom and Latin Dancing. Training alone is tough and you can run out of inspiration quickly. That's why you need to plan your dance training differently.

So what do you do when you're a Ballroom and Latin dancer but don't have anyone to dance with? In general, the time of looking for a partner is in my eyes the time of your greatest growth as an artist and dancer. Why? Because it's ALL about YOU and nobody else!

Here are 5 things you should definitely put into your routine.

1. See your teacher

To keep you motivated make sure that you schedule regular private lessons solo. Working 1-2-1 with your teacher who really believes in you will keep "the fire" burning. But they will not do it for you! However, they will guide you and give you lots of ideas to work on, so when the new partner comes your previous weaknesses may not be so weak anymore.

I would say 1 session per week or even every fortnight will make your dancing better. Besides, others will see you're still in "the game".

2. Gym

When you were preparing for competition with a partner you probably talked about getting fitter, improving your stamina and flexibility. Well, there is no better time than right now. Set yourself a goal of getting healthier and make sure that you visit the gym about 2-3 times per week if you can.

Ideally, have a session with a PT who will help you decide what workouts you should do. You can also read the post on Why Should Ballroom And Latin Dancers Lift Weights.

3. Ballet training

I've come across so many dancers who would love to do ballet, but they never have time for it. I could not stress more how important it is to actually add it to your dancing. Believe me or not, if you're consistent with it, you WILL definitely transform as an artist and a dancer.

I would suggest for everyone to dance ballet once or twice per week. Besides, these are group classes and it's actually so much fun to practice with lots of other people around.

4. Start another style of dance

Many dancers only focus on their Ballroom or Latin. What about dancing other styles to make the ones you're are doing different and better. In general the principles in all the dances are similar when it comes to posture, strength, lead or follow.

You should figure out what your dancing has been missing.

  • Was your leading up to scratch?

  • Were you a true flamenco dancer in parts of your Paso Doble?

  • Or simply, you miss the fun part of dancing and just moving with other people to music.

Think about Salsa or Flamenco. In fact, any style that you always wanted to try is great. Just Dance.

5. Never give up!

1 month without a partner is tough, 4 months is tougher and the longer it is, the harder it gets. But if you stop dancing not only will you have a hard time finding a partner, but also you may regret it forever!

Here is my suggestion of a weekly schedule for you:

  • Monday- Gym with 20 minutes in a studio to practice your basic

  • Tuesday- Studio Dance Practice 60 mins (read a post on how to How To Design a 1-Hour Solo Practice Session)

  • Wednesday- Flamenco/Salsa/Another dance style

  • Thursday- Gym with 20 minutes in a studio to practice your basic

  • Friday- Ballet Class

  • Saturday - Solo Lesson with your teacher

  • Sunday- Rest Day / Going through notes from the private lesson

I hope that will help you. Share on Facebook if you think it may help someone else too because I know looking for a partner can be a lonely time. Never give up!



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