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The best mobile apps for Ballroom and Latin dancers

We live in a world that revolves around technology. So why not take advantage of that and use some high-tech mobile apps to simply make us better dancers? Here is a list of the best apps that every ballroom dancer should have:

This app allows you to sync your current playlists and modify the tunes. It's free to use and the best features include speed up and slow down. You can decide whether you need a slower practice or some high speed stamina session to the songs you love to practice to.

Also, you can delay start (so you don't need to run to the floor immediately after pressing play).

This is an absolute must-have app for every competitive dancer. It features options for Ballroom, Latin, American Smooth and Rhythm.

In a nutshell, this app allows you to create the final practices. You simply link your playlists to each dance, decide how long you want them to be and how much break you get in between. You can just stay on the dance floor and focus on your dancing, breathing and whatever else you need to without having to choose and play new song each time. There are free (Lite) and paid versions available with extra features.

Music is a dancer's livelihood. Our ideas and inspirations may come from the music we listen to, which is why we should be aware of all new trends coming up. It's always great to have access to the best music at practice or after. It doesn't have to be all Ballroom and Latin- keep your mind open. However, you will also find some music albums there including our one and only The Empress Orchestra.

These apps are perfect for those who love to analyze each and every step. If you're a perfectionist and want to make sure the product you deliver i.e. dance is improving then get one of these apps. It allows you to watch your video in slow motion and analyze angles, axes and actions. Are your frame and spine perfectly straight? Hudl Technique is free and in my opinion it's perfectly fine for what a dancer needs whereas Coach's Eye is a paid app but with some better quality features.

5. Any note-taking app (Evernote, Simplenote, Google Keep etc)

After your dance lessons and practices, take notes of what you've learnt and noticed. During practice your may realize why suddenly your rumba walks seem better, so instead of just being happy about it, write it down. Hopefully, when you read it again, it may stay in your head. The great thing about it is that we never forget our phones so we can have constant access to the notes (back in the days it was pen and paper, do you remember those times?).

Countless of times dancers forget to look after their bodies. Secondly, time is scarce and we may not have so much time (and money) to go to additional classes during the week. That's why this app is great. It has great yoga and Pilates exercises which allow you to have your own sessions wherever you are. It's very simple to use, with different levels and lengths of sessions. The app is free. Using this app can really help you gain the stretch and flexibility you need as a dancer at home, gym or at your studio.

As mobile phones and electronics play such an important role in our lives these days we should use it to our advantage. However, there's currently no app which substitutes hard work and thank God for that!

What are your favourite dance apps? If you use any, please leave a comment below.


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