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How to watch and appreciate dance performances?

Elena Anashina Photography

Do you watch dance performances and say to yourself sometimes I just don't get it or it doesn't mean anything to me?

Watching a dance is a journey- just like travelling somewhere. You may experience various moments and feelings throughout. People see dance in different ways however, there are a few things worth mentioning to help you open up your mind.

First of all, realize that dance has many layers which you as an observer can focus on. Some of these are:

- expression, feelings and relationship between the dancers

- acrobatic abilities and athleticism of the performers

- outfits, make up and aesthetic presentation

- musical interpretation and connection between movement and music

It is very individual which of the above draw your attention and these don't have to be the same as others noticed. At that moment it may be worth asking yourself the following questions:

1. How do you feel after watching this couple perform?

2. What did you focus on in their dance?

3. Did you recognize the story that the dancers tried to tell?

4. What will you take away from watching them dance?

Experiencing dancing may trigger a range of emotions like happiness, sadness, annoyance, disappointment etc. Secondly, the stories told by the dancers can also remind you of situations from the past, whether good or bad. They may also inspire you and boost your energy. All of these are absolutely valid.

There are no rules or restrictions when experiencing dance. Try to simply sit back and enjoy the ride rather than focus on the technical qualities alone that dancers produce.

Allow your imagination to move together with the artists you are watching and you will discover whole new experiences.

Elena Anashina Photography



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