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How to make friends at dance competitions?

Elena Anashina Photography

Dancing can be lonely at times especially when you go to competitions not knowing anyone. So, how do you make new friends?

Here are some useful tips for you that I checked myself and they work great especially for pro-am dancers.

1. Many dancers go to competitions hoping to meet new people- FACT! Most of them will be thrilled to make friends but they may be as shy as you to start conversation.

2. Spot the dancers who are same level to yours. It's always a little bit easier to talk to dancers who are also similar age. With them around you can relax and be yourself.

Things to talk about:

- dress makers

- make up they use

- next competition plans

- next social dance party

- shoes they wear

- school they dance at

3. Complimenting someone's dancing goes a long but the response you get from it is usually just a "thank you". Try asking questions.

- How did you enjoy your performance?

- How was the floor? Slippery, sticky?

- Was it exciting to dance there?

4. When you're at a comp people warm up and sit right next to you. They would be great to a start conversation with e.g. "do you mind if we share the space to warm up?". Even though it's quite obvious that the person will not mind at all.

Or "did you come here from far?"

5. Everyone loves to have a drink, whether it is a cup of coffee, orange juice or gin & tonic. Once you have started talking to them say that you're going to grab coffee and ask if they want to come along too.

6. When you bring food to the competition, always pack an extra banana or an apple. Isn't it nice to just offer it to someone sitting next to you?

All in all, the idea is to be friendly and open-minded. You may be approached by another dancer too. How many times did we hear "oh I love your dress" or "great dancing" and all we replied was "thank you". So maybe next time when someone says these to you spend a bit more time with them and continue the conversation.

If you feel this new person seems really interesting and cool, add them on Facebook or Instagram. Next comp you're at, you will even remember their name. Have fun with it.

How do you make friends at dance competitions? Leave a comment below.



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