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How to choose a perfect song for your Wedding Dance?

Photo by Jay Rowden Wedding Photography

Probably the most important music choice you will ever have to make. How do you know which song to use for your Wedding Dance?

1. What mood would you like your song to be?

a. slow and romantic

b. up-beat and funky

2. What style of dance appeals to you and your fiance which also reflects your personalities?

a. fast party-like moves, lots of spins and tricks

b. traditional in a closed hold

c. side by side dancing with solo parts

3. Remember that the song you choose will determine what dance you will do. And that in turn may be affected by your outfits. Choosing a fast song with lots of rhythms may be tricky if you're wearing a full-length dress with a long tail.

4. Would you like your song to be all instrumental or with vocals?

5. Would you like the song to be played live by a band or from an mp3 player?

6. Is there a song which means something to you and your fiance? Perhaps he proposed to you in Paris, so maybe a French song could be an option. In other words try to connect your story to the song.

7. Take into consideration your audience as it would be great for them to connect with the music too. Usually songs which people know make audience remember the dance better.

8. Always listen to the lyrics of the song as the audience will. Make sure it has the "uplifting" feel. Recently, I taught a couple who wanted to dance to a song about "cheating and broken heart" because melody was beautiful... Not a great choice for the occasion, is it?

The song you choose for your First Dance will become "your song". Many years after your marriage, you will always remember it. That's why it is important to spend some time exploring the options to choose the perfect song.

If you know someone who is getting married, send this article to them and help them make the right choice.

Not sure whether you need Wedding Dance Lessons?

Check out our webpage to contact us and help you make a decision.

Photo by Jay Rowden Wedding Photography


Photo credits: Jay Rowden Wedding Photography

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