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How to act like a professional dancer at a social party?

1. Do you want to find out what professionals do to make them great at social parties?

2. Would you like to be seen by others as "the one who knows how to dance"?

3. Do you want to be a dancer who everyone always says "yes" to on a dance floor?

This article will give you the dos and don'ts and the whys on how to act like a pro dancer at a social party.

1. It's a social party- not a competition

What makes pro dancers better than others is the ease with which they move. Who said you need to dance a full-out choreography doing a social samba? Keep the steps small and avoid sharp movements.

2. Learn the social level steps

Spend a private lesson or two learning figures that are most popular when dancing socially. Dancing advanced steps to impress without knowing how to lead and follow them will make you look like a beginner.

PS. I created the list of steps for you, so feel free to download it and discuss with your teacher.

3. Dancing with less or more experienced dancers

Gent: if she's less experienced than you, make her feel good. Dance simple figures first and build up gradually.

Lady: if he's new to dancing, please be patient and encouraging- but not patronizing.

4. The annoying "adviser" on the floor

There's perhaps nothing more irritating than constantly being given "tips" from a fellow dancer on the floor. It's a social dance, not a lesson so less talk and certainly no feedback! If you go out to a nightclub would you ever tell someone how to dance there too?

5. Asking for a dance- that's the big one!

Some people may simply not want to dance so accept it. However, if someone rejects your invite, DON'T ask the person standing right next to him/her. Noone wants to be the "second best". Find those who are also seeking to dance.

6. Who to dance with?

Social parties are filled with people who love to dance. Set yourself a goal that at each party you will dance with, for example, 5 people you have never met before. This way it will truly become a social dance night for you.

A great dancer will make everyone feel great!

7. Can I say no?

It's very common now to be asked for a dance by a lady and there's this unwritten rule that the person should never say no. Well, I disagree. If this lady ONLY wants to dance with "the best" dancers and professionals, rejecting invites from lower level dancers (and not asking them) then definitely say NO! The same applies to gents. Otherwise if both of you want to dance, then get on the floor and enjoy.

8. "He smells good"

Pro dancers should always look and smell good. It's nice to dance with someone who

wears a nice perfume or aftershave. As a little tip, you can now buy travel size of your favourite fragrance and put it on now and again throughout the night. A few hours after dancing you will still be hearing compliments on how nice you smell.

9. Gum or food

This one should be obvious. Chewing anything whilst dancing is one of the most off-putting things. Invest in mints instead. In other words, don't go on the floor if you have anything in your mouth- simple!

10. When to be "sorry"?

When you bump into another couple or they bump into you, just say sorry and make sure they are OK (whether it's your fault or not). It will make you look more composed and "in control"- exactly what a pro dancer should be like.

Oh yes- don't apologize every time you make a mistake! Just relax.

11. Keep a low profile

The best dancers don't always need to be a centre of attention. When you dance take it easy and focus on your partner, rather than your footwork. Stay on the outside edge of the dance floor- don't try to push your way through to the centre. Especially, when it gets very crowded.

12. "Less talk more action"

You're at a social dance event. When you're on the floor, enjoy the dance. It's not the time to be having discussions. Of course, a small talk is acceptable but I'd suggest you leave it for later over a drink. Better, isn't it?

13. How to finish the dance?

Most importantly say thank you to your partner and walk off the floor together. Also, don't respond "you're welcome" as it sounds you did your partner a favour. In partner dancing EVERYONE is equal.

As you can see, most of these are common sense. Just like in life- be understanding, respectful and elegant then whoever you dance with, will simply love dancing with you.

If you found this post useful, share it with other social dancers.


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