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7 Things That Make Dancers Go A Little Mad

Elena Anashina Photography

These dancers are with us on the dance floor and they have their unique ways of making us go a little crazy. Here are 7 ways we have all Ballroom and Latin Dancers have come across:

1. Hurry up bro!

When you're at a competition, just finished your dance, music barely switched off, but the next heat is already on the dance floor pushing to get your spot. Suddenly you're bowing to another dancer's shoulder.

2. Are you done yet?

When it's your turn to go onto the floor, but dancers from the previous heat take forever to bow, curtsy, send kisses and gratitude as if they have just saved the World.

3. The World is against me!

Can you name a dancer who always thinks they haven't made a round because of a secret sabotage plotted against them? Slippery floor, venue not being inspiring, all dance politics, or someone always putting them in the strongest heat.

4. Camp side.

When you arrive at dance competition venue to find blankets and suitcases all around the changing room floor so there is no space for you left. Other Ballroom dancers marked their territory and now you have to change in the corner between a bin and a fire extinguisher.

5. Changing Room Slalom.

When you have to move around dancers in the changing rooms and accidentally touch another dancer's 2-metre wide Ballroom dress. Then they give you a deathly gaze as if you've just stolen their kidney.

6. Superstar has arrived!

It's time to test the floor before your rounds and run through your choreos with the partner. There are always these couples who think they're alone and dance full out bumping into everybody as if it was the final at Blackpool Dance Festival.

7. Diva in da house!

When you're out social dancing and this one dancer decides to pull out all his competitive moves from past choreographies. Calm down Beyonce!

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