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5 Unique Benefits Of Ballroom And Latin Dancing

Maggiore Fotografico

We have all read posts and memes about how wonderful dancing is. However, many other activities give exactly the same if not better benefits.

So why Ballroom?

There are hundreds of posts claiming that dancing can reduce stress, improve flexibility, help to lose weight. Some talk about effects on depression and other vague statements. I don't personally like saying things that are just so "hazy". Quite frankly, it's very woolly to say these things because we know pretty much anything else will do the same too.

Gym will make you fitter, football will get you more friends, yoga will give you flexibility among other things etc.

So what is so unique about Ballroom and Latin dancing?

Well, there are some very special things about Ballroom dancing that no other form of activity can match. Here is a list for you:

1. Simply touching another person

Many people struggle with physical contact with others. Whether they are growing up boys, girls or adults. By that I don't mean shaking hands, but holding another person and express some emotions for example showing that we like that person. Ballroom dancing actually does help overcome the fear of touching another person and being in close contact. That's how we dance.

2. Standing out from the crowd

Saying "I can dance" will always make people turn their heads towards you because it's not common especially for men.

Ballroom and Latin are nowhere near as popular as tennis or swimming but it's definitely more likely to draw attention than other activities. Because pretty much every person writes on their CV they like swimming, gym and reading. That's why dancing makes you stand out from the crowd. And it's good to be different!

3. No stress about dancing

Dancers never fear being asked to dance at a party. In fact, most of the dancers will be a centre of attention for their unique skill set.

How many times did you go out and saw tens of people just stirring at the dance floor instead of dancing on it? Whatever their reasons are but most of them simply fear embarrassment. That's why Ballroom and Latin is unique because you will know how to move to fast music, slow music, solo or in a couple and look decent.

4. Long term investment

There are so many events we go to throughout our lives, weddings, work parties etc. So many business socials involve drinking and dancing. Imagine, that a skill of partner dancing can lead into sealing a business deal on the dance floor. Decisions made over over a table may be very different than those made in close hold during a Foxtrot or a Rumba.

I can tell you it's possible! Once you dance well with someone who hasn't danced before, they will always remember that.

5. Way to impress

When you meet someone new, you obviously want to make a great impression. Tell me now, isn't it amazing to impress someone by showing them that you can lead, dance with them and make them feel comfortable dancing? It works for both men and women who know how to use their moves.

It may be a bold statement but many women want companionship, sensitivity and a tender touch, just the things that Ballroom and Latin is about.

These are the 5 unique benefits of learning Ballroom and Latin dancing. You can see they are much more personal and the common thing between them is making your relationship with other people better.

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Photo Credits: Maggiore Fotografico

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