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5 Things that make dance teachers cringe

Every dance teacher has their "pet hates". Here is a list of the most common things that make your instructor's blood pressure rise immediately.

1. Sickled feet (when standing or dancing)

This is the "instant heart attack" for a dance teacher. Training your feet is very important for your dancing as well as your general look on the floor.

Solution: Look at the way that dancers stand in competitions at line up and make this a habit. Whether you're at work, queue or waiting for a bus, your feet should always look immaculate.

2. Chewing a gum

This is one of the least flattering things a dancer can do. It's very distracting to watch and in fact not very safe when dancing. Elegance on the floor which Ballroom dancers try to create is not only about your beautiful posture and frame.

Solution: Consider mints if you need to refresh your breath and don't dance whilst you're eating or chewing.

3. Not trusting your teacher

You have chosen a dance school and accepted the teachers who work with you. Sometimes you may not understand everything that your teacher says or advice they give you but believe it that your instructor will do their best to help you reach your goals.

Solution: Stop questioning every single thing that your dance teacher asks you to do. Just let go, give them your confidence. Sometimes what you think may be your priority, but it may not necessarily be what you teacher thinks needs urgent attention.

4. Dresses and outfits

When you dance you want to feel free and comfortable. However, be mindful that there are some limitations to that. Free doesn't mean half naked when on every spin or turn, we get to see pants flashing.

Solution: Buy dance pants to put under your skirt! Also, just before you go onto the floor for your group or private lesson, look in the mirror and ask yourself "would a world dance champion wear this to practice?".

5. YouTube obsession

YouTube is a little bit like Wikipedia to an academic- it gives some general information but you have no idea how true it all is. By all means, dancers should do research and use all the available resources. But do you think it's ok to come to a class and tell your teacher you want to do some steps because a famous dancer did it in a YouTube video?

Solution: When you watch a YouTube video and you notice some differences or ways dancers move, write down questions and ask your teacher about it. Your instructor has a specific plan for your dancing and your progress.

All the points made are workable and you can avoid them. Applying the solutions will not only make your dance teacher calmer, but most importantly it will make you a better and more professional dancer.


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