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5 Reasons to smile on a dance floor

Elena Anashina Photography

Smile is much more than just an aesthetic addition to your performance. You can use the "power of smile" to your advantage. Have you ever thought about that?

1. Smile and the World will smile with you

When you perform you want to create an aura about you which will draw others into your dance. One of the greatest moments, yet frequently unnoticed because they're automatic, is when you smile at somebody, and they smile back. This is your connection with the audience.

2. Ensures you are breathing

When you smile, you breathe and the bigger the smile the more air goes into your lungs. Sometimes your teacher may tell "breathe" and the simplest way to remember it is through smiling. Next time you feel tensed at competition or show, put a smile on and this will certainly help you to breathe.

3. Makes you more approachable and interesting to watch

Sometimes dancers are so focused on their technique that they forget the simplest idea behind dancing, which is to bring happiness to yourself and others. Would you rather watch someone who never smiles or someone who carries a genuine smile on their face on the floor and off the floor?

Your smile also shows the judges and audience that you are relaxed and you're really enjoying the moment (regardless whether you genuinely feel that way or not).

4. Boosts your energy

When you smile, your eyes immediately open up and in fact you may feel more awake. By focusing on smiling before you go on a dance floor will help with the nerves and also create positivity about you. Those around you will also feed from your smile and and energy.

5. Helps to recover from mistakes on the floor

Making a mistake on a dancer floor can be difficult to handle. The last thing you want is to show it to everyone. So why serving it on a plate how you missed a step 30 seconds ago? When people see a beautiful top line with a charismatic smile, they are less likely to even look at your feet.

Also, if you know that they noticed a little slip-up, just send them a smile and make fun of it.

Now you have more than one reason to smile on a dance floor!

Elena Anashina Photography



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