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5 Problems of being a dancer

Elena Anashina Photography

Many people see dancers as those who move beautifully on the floor, have incredible bodies and hundreds of friends with their only problem being painful feet. Because how can you be unhappy when you get to dance everyday? Our friends may have regular jobs, families and social life. Whereas dance journey can be in fact a very lonely road.

Here is a list of 5 problems dancers go through on a daily basis and and possible solutions:

1. No time or money for life

When was the last time you went out to a party, on a date or to meet friends?

Friendships and relationships may not be the easiest for dancers to maintain because not everyone will ever understand dancer's passion and dedication. The issue is trying to explain to people around why you can't do all these things- they simply won't understand it. Cancelling on friends or dates for the 10th time happens to all dancers...

Solution: Try to put in your calendar a weekend off. Plan ahead so you know it's coming and you stick with it. Also, you may set yourself a goal to go out to a party once per month. To be the best you need to outwork everyone around but remember it's easy to burn out if you're not careful. I know- easier said than done!

2. Feeling good before you look at it

When you dance you usually don't see yourself. Legs are working, you're using your centre and in general it feels good. Then you decide to record it and the outcome may not be as promising as what you thought it would look like. Dancers frequently "hate" watching themselves perform as they see all their mistakes in pursuit of perfection.

Solution: As an artist it's normal we want to master our craft. Always try to find the good things in your performances and the bad ones should help you grow to be better. The bad news is that you will never be perfect, but as a dancer, you will always try to achieve it. Kind of a Sisyphean task, don't you think?

3. Being a "full out" dancer

Believe it or not, but many dancers are shy and insecure about themselves. It's easy to lock ourselves in a studio and feel safe because noone is judging and watching. However, to be successful dancers must fight for every opportunity to show their work to others. Imagine, what if some people became successful just because they went out there. You may have what other dancers don't but your fear may never let your talents see the light.

Solution: Learn to love what you don't like so much right now. If you're scared of a competition because others may see your imperfections, learn to overcome these thoughts. The experience of being "out there" can in fact help you discover things you may have never thought you had.

4. Comments from others

To win competitions you need to convince the judges you're good at what you do. This is the insanely hard part because you may feel good on the day about your dancing, but still get no marks from judges. What does it mean? Do they hate you? Are you a rubbish dancer? What if you got marks from all judges but one? Dancer's brain frequently focuses on all the problems this one judge may have with you. Will you let your neurosis take over?

Solution: Remember, luck plays a crucial role in the competitive dancing game. However, when you analyse your results or even feedback from others, let it guide you but NOT lead you!

5. Failing about 100 times a day

You have to lose to know how to win. This is the miserable part of dancing, the route of tears, doubt and swear words running through your head. Yet, its a route, that every dancer walks through. In my opinion, failure is one of the worst things in the world.

Solution: You have two options- either give up dancing or ask yourself some questions. Why did I lose? What should I have done better?

Remember, failing is inevitable and the sooner you stop being paralyzed by the fear of failure, the earlier success knocks on your door.

If you got that far reading this post, dancing must mean a lot to you. You're an artist and you must be a little bit crazy. Dancing can be a ruthless companion which needs a lot of attention but rarely gives what you want. But hey, you're already on board so put your fears in a pocket, fasten your seat belt and have the time of your life doing what you love the most.


Written by Marcyn Raczynski May 2017 PhotoCredits: Elena Anashina Photography


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