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"I'm fat, old and uncoordinated. That's why I hate dance classes!". How to overcom

Many of us are very self-conscious especially when it comes to DANCING, not to mention dancing in front of others. How do I get rid off this feeling?

When you go to a dance class you start thinking- will I fit in because I feel quite awkward yet I'd love to learn to dance? The next thing is a sudden rush of thoughts of how big you are and probably too old for all this. Let's top it off with thinking that everyone will laugh and hate you in the class. So what?

There are things you can do to actively make you feel better at classes:

1. Dancing geek

If you're worried that you will be the worst at the class, do a little bit of background research. Find out what dances they will cover, go on YouTube and try to learn a couple of basic steps, or just read basic history of the dance and timing on Wikipedia. It doesn't have to be perfect, but you will have a better understanding than others and learn faster.

2. The magic of first impression

Many people will come to a class in casual clothes. Well, you should do differently and wear what experienced dancers would wear- a long black skirt and a pair of dance shoes will do the trick. Imagine, you walk into the studio in "the dance gear" and everyone will already think you've been doing it for a long time.

Make yourself feel like a dancer- not once but ALWAYS!

3. Smile from a toothpaste advert

Next time you go to a class, look around and you will notice that not many people may have a "beaming smile". Why don't you put yours on? At first, you may need to work on it but with time this big smile will become something you're known for. Tell me, who doesn't like positive and happy people? More to that, your smile may even help someone who is as insecure about themselves as you are.


In social environment dancers are supportive and friendly. They have no time or need to bring others down because they're too busy doing their own thing, and being insecure about themselves. So if you think everyone will make comments about you, you're wrong! In fact, many people will enjoy meeting a newbie in the class.

It's not high school anymore where everyone fights for popularity. Noone has control over you and what you do.

This is your life so live it to the fullest, dance as much as you want and step on anyone's feet who will try to bully you and stop you!

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