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10 Ways To Make Your Dance Teacher Happy

Maggiore Fotografico

You should care about your dance teacher as much as you care about your dancing. What are the best ways to do it? Here is a list for you.

1. Be ready for your lesson at least 15 minutes early

Running into your lesson is not a good start. Always put your lesson in a diary as if it starts 30 mins early so you arrive well in advance with plenty of time to prepare.

2. Be fully warmed up and ready when your lesson starts

Most people waste their first 15 minutes of lessons on warming up. How do you expect to dance a great Foxtrot or a Rumba when you've been sat all day? Oh yes- cucaracha will not warm you up! If you don't know how to warm up, speak to your dance teacher about warm up routine.

3. Have a list of specific questions at the beginning of the lesson

Asking questions shows that you've thought about your dancing and you want to know more. Every teacher loves answering questions. Lessons should trigger more questions and stimulate you to learn more- just like back at school, but better because it's about dancing.

4. Take notes during or after the lesson

Noone can remember everything from the lesson. So why not taking notes? Everyone should have their own "dancing diary" to keep everything your teacher taught you close. Where do you keep your dancing notes?

5. Try your best to do what your teacher asks even if it doesn't work straight away

When your teacher asks you to do something again and again, just be quiet and do it. They see a reason why you should continue.

6. Keep an open mind

Sometimes you may not understand everything but that's fine. Do you remember the scene from Karate Kid: "wax on, wax off"? You can read more about it HERE.

7. When your teacher asks you to go to a class or try some exercises, show them you have done your homework

Sometimes, your work must be done outside of the lesson- in a ballet class, Pilates or maybe gym. We pay a lot of money for advice from teachers. But when they ask you to do something extra, how likely are you to follow the instruction?

8. Dress appropriately

Wearing a dirty, ripped T-shirt is not really a sign of caring about your dance lesson. Always make an effort to show respect to our dancing and your teacher.

9. Bring your dance teacher a slice of cake sometimes

Your dance teachers work long hours, evenings and weekends. Next time, when you have your lesson, just bring your teacher a slice of cake that you made or a little snack. They will definitely eat it!

10. Tell your teacher how much you love them

Your dance teacher thinks about your dancing a lot and spends hours preparing lessons and choreographies. We always praise students for great work. Teachers love hearing that you you love them. It can really brighten their days.

Remember that not every good dancer is a good dance teacher.

When you find the one that excites you to dance, makes you grow as an artist and dancer and really wants you to be fabulous- never let go of them! They are precious!


Photo Credits: Maggiore Fotografico


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