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10 Tips to make your dance competition less stressful.

Going to your first dance competition may be one of the most terrifying and, at the same time, exciting steps in your dancing. Here is a list of things you should always remember:

1. First of all, don't think about this event as "a competition", but rather a day out doing what you enjoy so much- dancing!

2. Don't expect anything. The results come when you stop worrying about them.

3. When music stops, you should stop too and count to 3 in your head. Only then move to do your bow or curtsy. Otherwise you will look rushed.

4. Make sure you have your lucky charm with you, for example a teddy bear, that will bring you good luck.

5. Always spray yourself with your favourite scent. Judges won't smell it, but it will definitely make you feel better.

6. Be ready at least 30 minutes before your round starts to calm down and go through your choreographies. Ready means warmed up, costume on, full make up and a big smile.

7. Be friendly to other dancers and certainly try to make friends. It's always nice to meet fellow dancers from other areas. Challenge yourself and make at least one new Facebook friend at each event.

8. Always cheer for other dancers and your team members. They will certainly repay that favour. There's nothing more exciting than a crowd of people cheering for you.

9. Always carry a lipstick with you and keep putting it on. You must always look flawless.

10. Use a Checklist before you set off for a competition. This way you will never forget to bring your dance essentials. You can use the one below.

Of course, the list of things to remember is much longer. but these should give you that extra boost to what you already know :-) You dance because it makes you happy so always show it on the dance floor.



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