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Why Do Kids Quit Dancing So Early?

Maggiore Fotografico

Each term new kids join dance classes because of parents, school or current trend on TV. However, vast majority of them quits before they realize they could be very good at it. The question is: Why do kids quit dancing? Because it's not fun anymore!

Here a 5 points to keep dancing fun:

1. Too much pressure or no pressure at all

We all know that parental role in dancing a little bit like Jin and Jang- always balancing. Too much pressure on kids will destroy the fun and too little of it, will make them bored. I've seen so many times when kids were quitting because of parents excessive interest or simply no interest in dancing at all.

2. Friends

Many kids love to make new friends and be with the ones they feel comfortable with. In dancing, they already have something unique that connects them. That's why even though Ballroom and Latin are partner dances, it's great fun to keep switching them and work on team bonding. Otherwise, dance classes may still feel quite lonely.

As a parent why not organise play dates for your kid with other little dancers from the class... Not only will they have fun, but also you may make new friends with other parents too.

3. Post comp comments

Imagine going to a competition, not getting any results and than facing the whole journey back home in the car learning lessons from parents. Whether it be reflecting or not, this can really kill the fun. When kids don't do well in competition, they know it. Sometimes you just don't need to be a psychologist for them or a coach, but simply give them space to be upset for a bit and let the thoughts sink in.

If you really want to say something, simply try "I love watching you dance".

You know what I always liked as a kid? When the music in the car was fun and loud so I could sing along instead of overthinking every reason I didn't win. Maybe you could prepare your kid's favourite tunes as a playlist beforehand and blast it out on they way back home.

4. No improvement

When you watch your kids in class you probably can't help but compare them to others. They do that too. They can see who's best in the class and picks up everything straight away. If they struggle all the time, their already vulnerable confidence is shaken and fun is gone.

When you start noticing that in your child. Have a conversation with the teacher and ask what you could do at home to help your kid learn the steps. In fact, in our classes for Princeps Juniors, we prepare videos for all parents so kids can practice at home too.

5. Dance Teacher

For all children, having someone who guides them and believes in them is the key. But most importantly the great teacher will keep their learning fun and exciting. As a parent you should definitely be satisfied with your dance teacher and their ability to lead the class.

Your child's potential success is in their hand so always spend time getting to know the dance instructor and their teaching methods.

However, the important thing to remember is ultimately, noone will ever make your child fall in love with dancing. At some point, if they make a decision that dancing is not for them, no matter what you do, they will not progress or develop. All you do is simply accept it.

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Photo Credits: Maggiore Fotografico


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