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in Fulham

Finally a workout that doesn't feel like a workout!

When was the last time you actually enjoyed loosing weight and getting fitter? Are treadmills boring for you and the thought of a heavy gym session puts you off? Latin Shake is your answer!

Latin rhythms make everyone smile and somehow our bodies start to move automatically when we hear them. That's why we want to give you that feeling and move with you to the hottest Latin tunes. If you're already a dancer, get ready to improve your stamina, coordination and core strength. Get fierce on the dance floor.

Latin Shake is a high calorie burning dance-inspired workout. We will turn up the heat and start the party.


You'll get in shape, learn some blazing hot dance moves and simply have a blast

It's an adult only class. No dance experience needed. No partners needed. Advanced bookings highly recommended! What to wear: gym outfit (trainers and comfortable workout clothes). Book your place below.

Ballroom and Latin Dance Lessons in London

Get your heart beat up with songs like Despacito and wake up your body to some of the hottest Latin tunes on charts.

Ballroom and Latin Dance Lessons in London

Push your body and feel the heat from top to bottom, but songs like Vivir Mi Vida will make you feel like you're at a party, not a gym!

Ballroom and Latin Dance Lessons in London

Shake your booty and blast your body to tunes including Shake Senhora and Bailando. Strengthen your muscles and build your sexy body now!

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Fulham Broaway

David Lloyd Leisure Clubs,

Fulham Broadway Retail Centre, Fulham Road, London, SW6 1BW

We will be back in JANUARY 2020

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