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How do I know if my dance teacher is the best?

There are many dance teachers around so how do you know if yours is the best?

Here is a list of traits that only the greatest teachers have. Can you tick them all?

1. Has a passion for everything dance related

There is nothing more exciting than being surrounded by people who love what you do. Having a dance teacher whose dancing is all they love, is a treasure. Everytime you are with that teacher, the World seems brighter as the only thing that matters is dance.

2. Been there, done that and still keeps working on it

The greatest teachers don't stop learning because they know the process is never ending. Dance evolves and the best teachers must have an open mind and always work to develop further. This one comes naturally to those who have Point 1.

3. Gives you a sense of belonging

Dance World may be a lonely place but your teacher should always make you feel to be a part of something bigger. Sometimes you would love to meet new people but you're too shy. Can your dance teacher help? Of course- has your teacher ever introduced students they were teaching before or after you?

4. Makes everyone feel equal and unique at the same time

Your teacher may be a very busy person with lots of students and the best ones will always include you and be proud of you. No matter how good you are. What would you like from your teacher to make you feel unique?

5. Makes you think and discover for yourself

Dancing is a journey of self-discovery and your dance teacher should always make you go out there and search. Your learning never stops after 45 minutes with your teacher. You should get inspirations, ideas to discover it yourself.

Remember- it is your dancing and your passion only.

6. Adapts to your needs

We all learn at different speeds and the best teachers will explain and dissect all the information to make sure you understand it. Has your teacher ever given you some extra information to read or watch so that you can see the point from a different angle said by someone else?

7. Shows you respect

This one is self-explanatory yet what do we mean by respect? Simply, does your teacher value your time and comes to lessons on time and prepared? Does your teacher looks after their appearance and health? Ultimately, they are supposed to be your role models, right?

8. Keeps you out of your comfort zone

If it was easy, everyone would do it. The best teachers always know when to push you a little bit further. You may get frustrated that you can't do the new thing, but did you realize that now you're doing the previous one pretty well? Your teacher is always a step ahead.

9. Makes it fun

Has your teacher tried different ways of teaching you? You may be an adult but we all need some stimulation at times. Just like when you were at school, who liked the classes when you were talked at all the time? Why should it be different when you are a grown up?

10. Your teacher is different than others

The best teachers are one of a kind. This could be through other things they do which makes them unique. Do they have other passions and are a bit quirky? Do they love to paint, sing or write? Have you ever tried to find out what your teacher likes?

Every child deserves a champion – an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be. Rita Pierson

How many of these points does your dance teacher have? I wish you to find your teacher who treats you like a champion and helps you grow as a dancer that you always wanted to be.

Please share this post if you feel that your dance teacher is the best. They deserve the recognition for making the difference for you.


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