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"Living Room Shake" Competition

Calling all 3-12 year old Ballroom and Latin dancers!


Join Princeps first ever

"Living Room Shake" video contest.

The competition ends on

30th March 2017

and all the winners will be announced on 1st of April 2017.

Make a 1-minute video featuring your child performing their best dance moves in a living room. So you don't need any special equipment- play some music on TV or YouTube and use your phone to record it. Then, simply post it on our Facebook Page.


The effort and having a great time moving and shaking is the key. Remember the sooner your post the video the more likes and views it will get :-) 


- children only (3-12 years old)

- no previous dance training required

- no special outfits necessary

- as for the style of dance, just leave it to your child's creativity

We noticed that at some dance classes children feel pressured to perform well which actually makes them less creative. We know that deep-inside everyone can and wants to dance when no one's watching that's why we are promoting freedom to dance among children.


This contest is to show that our young dancing stars are "made in the living room". Make a video featuring your child dancing around a living room and post it on our Facebook page.

The votes will be based on number of likes and shares on Facebook. The lucky winner will get a FREE Term of dance classes with Princeps Juniors Dance Team as well as publishing the video across the Internet. 


First Prize

Full Term of Dance Classes as part of Princeps Juniors Dance Team

Second Prize

A private dance lesson with a professional teacher

Third Prize

A kiss from Duska

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