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Intermediate (Level 3) Ballroom and Latin

This class focuses on more complex steps and techniques used in both Ballroom and Latin American Dances. During the class you learn 1 Ballroom and 1 Latin American dance. The dances change every 4 weeks. You will learn short choreographies for the studied dances to put your technical knowledge into practice. The syllabus is based on the IDTA figures of up to silver grade.


You will gain much deeper understanding of your own dancing after attending these classes. Also, you will have a chance to dance the steps which you see on TV or competitions.


Focus on improving both Ballroom and Latin dances through learning how much these two styles have in common.

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Delve into the details of how to move your body with precision, speed and flow to help you advance to higher levels of dancing. 

Satisfy your desire to learn correct dance technique and apply it in open competitive choreographies.

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