Ballroom and Latin for Adults

Ballroom and Latin Dance in London

More and more people around the world start taking dance lessons. There is more to that than just following the current trend, dance allows people to be happier and more social.

We focus on the use of simple choreography to develop your leading and following skills. During each class you will learn 1 Latin American and 1 Ballroom dance. 


Being different and unique is a great thing- so knowing how to Ballroom dance will definitely make you stand out at your next party.

If you have never danced before or wish to refresh your memory this class is for you. You will learn basic steps in an easy way and in a friendly environment

After this course you will never hesitate to step on a dance floor or ask someone to dance. We make it that simple. 

The class prepares you for Level 2 Improvers  course

If you have danced before and passed your beginners level this class is for you. You will learn more advanced steps, basic technique, styling in an easy way and inspiring friendly environment.

After this course you will be able to take your first IDTA Award Medal exam, join formation team and move to Level 3 - Intermediate course.

We will bring the best out of you. 

The class prepares you for Level 3 Intermediate course

If you have been dancing previously, you're a pro-am dancer or an open competitor, this class is for you. You will practice your basic technique and put it into your choreographies.

 Competitors Technique Class focuses on the basic step and learning how to execute them with full attention to details. 

Min group of 5 for booking. Call for booking info on number below.

NB. This class is not for beginners.

Additional info

  • What to wear: comfortable clothing and shoes (trainers, ballet slippers, jazz shoes). Also see our recommendations @ Princeps Dance Shoes Store

  • Booking: to secure your place, please book a date of the class in advance using the drop-down menu below

  • Block booking refers to 4 consecutive classes for a specific course from the date of booking (see our Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the page)

Participants of these classes will be able to undertake IDTA Dance Examination towards Medal Awards in Ballroom and Latin American styles. 




Register for  your place in advance by clicking HERE

As our priority is your safety that means that number of places is limited

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Please note if you book further classes the free one will count as a first payable lesson of the current course which means that rest of the classes of the course would be payable at drop off price. Should you not wish to continue it remains free. This offer is limited for one person and first lesson with Princeps Dance Academy.